Emergency Equipment

Individual Dinghy kits were stacked in racks inside the Stirling, usually in combination with parachute stowage racks. There were escape hatches in the nose at the bomb aimers position, above the Pilot's seat, two on top of the fuselage and one near the tailgunner's position, several fire extinguishers and crash axes were positioned inside the aircraft. There was also equipement on board to destroy radio equipment or set the aircraft afire in case of a emergency landing.

The circulat shaped Type J Dinghy for eight men was stowed in the Port wing. Complete with topping up bellows, leak stoppers, rescue line and knife. The Dinghy could be released from inside the fuselage or from the outside, or automatic by flooding of the immersion switch located in the fuselage nose. Dinghy radio equipment was stowed in the fuselage.

Emergency equipment in a Lindholme Dinghy Container, included first aid pack, corned beef, Services and RAF Flying rations, rum and cigarettes. Other types of containers were also used in Dinghy's.        First aid kits were located on the fuselage sides behind the Pilot's seats, two on the starboard and one on the port side.

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