Navigator's Position

The Navigator's position was located just behind the port pilot's seat, with Navigator facing to port, and was equipped with a plotting table and light. This navigator is plotting a course using a Dalton computer, the type issued to all RAF navigators.

Below: Navigator operated receiver R1155 for D/F bearing and for homing, used in early Stirlings.

1. Mounting for air position indicator
2. Armour plating
3. Hinged arm rest
4. Safety harness
5. Stowage for portable oxygen bottles
6. Catch release bar Seat adjustment
7. Fire extinguisher
8. Propeller lever stops
9. Dinghy stowage
10 Windscreen de-icing fluid tank
11 Hinged flaps
12 Crash axe stowage
13 Dinghy stowage
14 Paratroop signal lamp (MkIV)
15 Mounting for control unit ARI5506
16 Mounting for receiver R1355
17 Navigator's table
18 Mounting for indicator unit ARI5506
19 Mounting for indicator unit ARI5083
20 First aid outfit stowage

38. Navigators receiver R1154
39. Mounting for Astrograph
40. DR Compass variation corrector
41. Instrument panel lamp
42. Air speed indicator
43. Card holder ASI correction
44. Oxygen flow indicator
45. Altimeter
46. DF Loop indicator
47. Remote control for DF Loop
48. Chart table lamp
49. Chart table
50. Intercommunication socket
51. Glove and boot heating socket
52. 0.5 Compass
53. Switch DF or intercommunication
54. Oxygen cut-off valve
55. Armour plated bulkhead
56. Clips for incendiary bombs
57. Demolition switches
58. TR1335 control panel
59. Demolition circuit test switch
60. alternator switch TR1335

80. Armoured bulkhead
81. DR Compass variation corrector
82. Mounting of Astrograph
83. Airspeed indicator
84. Compass deviation card holder
85. Lamp
86. Watch holder
87. DR Compass repeater
88. Altimeter
89. Oxygen flow indicator
90. Floodlamp
91. Direct reading air-thermometer
92. Navigator's chart table
93. Book stowage
94. Oxygen supply pipe
95. Test switch - radio demolition
96. Intercommunication socket
97. Ind. lamp radio dem.test switch
98. Master switch ARI5122
99. Radio demolition push-buttons
100 Exciter switches AC generators
101 Master switch ARI5083
102 Test button for ARI5122
103 Fuse Panel
104 Stowage for spare fuses


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